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1. Constituent part:
(1)Forming machine: making the material bend and initial machine-shaping, meanwhile, it will bend the material to the silo required radius of curvature.
(2)Bending machine: it will roll cooperate with good molding materials bender seaming together
(3)Load bearing support: Given the right diameter of silo. Lifting of the steel silo enclose the top of load bearing support rollers, it can support the spiral rising silo.
(4)Decoiler: Moving steel coils that put on the decoiler, making steel coils can into forming machine successfully.
(5)Join frame: Joining the load bearing support, locking the required diameter of soil, making the load bearing support stable working.
2.Weight of machine parts:
(1)Forming machine——3300 kg
(2)Bending machine——3550 kg
(3)Decoiler——230 kg
(4)Load bearing support——80kg
(5)Joint Frame——38kg
(1) Required thickness of raw material:
           A、Galvanized sheet——1.5---3mm
           B、Dark steel sheet——1.5---3mm
           C、Chromated nickel steel sheet——1.5---2.5mm
           D、Plastic coatings steel sheet——1.5---3mm
(2) Raw material width: 495mm
(3) Finished width: 350---370mm
(4) Diameter: 4m——25m
(5) Electrical equipment power: 9x3kw=27kw

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